Singapore Grand Prix is a crucial step for Verstappen’s fresh start

In order to prevent a race suspension this season, Max Verstappen has to conduct himself excellently on the racetrack after receiving a significant number of penalty points on his superlicence in 2021.

Singapore Grand Prix Verstappen 2022

Max Verstappen made a significant advancement toward starting over after the Italian Grand Prix when his penalty point total was down to five.

If a racer is involved in an on-track accident, Formula 1 officials may assess penalty points; nevertheless, these points disappear after one year. A racer will receive an immediate racing suspension if they receive more than 12 points within that period.

Challenging title fight with Hamilton

Most of Verstappen’s points came from his intense title duel with Lewis Hamilton in 2021, which included 7 points in the second half of the previous season.

The Red Bull racer and Hamilton collided during the pit lane exit at the Variant Chicane during the race at Monza. Verstappen received two penalty points since it was determined that he was at fault.

Additional points were accrued for disobeying double yellow flags during qualifying in Qatar, for utilising a track restriction to his benefit, and for provoking an accident with Hamilton in Saudi Arabia.

Keeping a clean slate

Verstappen had to avoid any mistakes in the first half of the 2022 season because he was only four races away from a race suspension.

Monza marks the 16 races he has completed without receiving a caution or penalty point, bringing his overall number of penalty points down to five.

Therefore, the Red Bull racer may take a chance by scoring more points, but because the championship was almost tied, it would not be essential. After November 20 (two points) and December 5 (four points), his following points expire (three points).

DriverPenaltiesNext Expiry Date
Tsunoda8Nov 14, 2022
Gasly7October 10, 2022
Alonso6October 10, 2022
Albon6March 27, 2023
Verstappen5Nov 20, 2022
Ocon5March 20, 2023
Stroll4Apr 10, 2023
Zhou4March 27, 2023
Ricciardo4May 8, 2023
Magnussen3May 8, 2023
Vettel2July 10, 2023
Bottas1Nov 20, 2022
Norris1July 10, 2023
Latifi1June 12, 2023
Cre: Racing365

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