Krack feels “nervous” about the risk of an Azerbaijan GP Sprint crash

Given the restrictions of F1’s Sprint weekend schedule, may squads miss sessions in Baku?
Mike Krack Aston Martin

The team head of Aston Martin, Mike Krack, has said that he is “nervous” about the next Sprint weekend at the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Baku City Circuit will host the first of six races in F1’s trial format; this will be the first time a Sprint has been contested on a street circuit.

Racers will be under greater strain to keep up precision during a weekend in which just one practice session will be held before crucial sessions if suggestions that include a second qualifying session are approved.

The suggestion of two street races in two days has raised concerns because squads are battling to stay within F1’s financial cap while pursuing campaign-long development plans.

An immediate impact of accident damage

Krack also pointed up another potential problem, saying: “I’m nervous about a Sprint in Baku because you don’t have enough time for repair if you have big damage.

“Straight after the Sprint, you have the covers on and then in the morning, you have only three or four hours to repair your car if it’s heavily damaged.

“So there is a high risk with that exercise. But again, it’s the same for everybody and Baku is it is not so difficult to overtake [on].

“If you take high risk in the corners and then there is a higher risk, but I think I think it will be a good show over the weekend.”

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