Hamilton is blamed by Verstappen following the Brazil match

For their collision in the opening laps of the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has pointed the finger at Lewis Hamilton.
Verstappen Hamilton Brazil clash

For their crash during the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen has accused Lewis Hamilton.

The Red Bull racer made an effort to pass Hamilton for 2nd place after the resumption following an early Safety Car for the collision involving Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen.

Verstappen attempted to finish the move on the inside of Turn 2 after circling the Mercedes outside in Turn 1.

On the apex of the turn, the two racers collided, sending Verstappen’s front wing into damage and pushing Hamilton off course.

Verstappen stopped for repairs, was given a time penalty by the officials, and came back to complete in a contentious fifth place while Hamilton remained many positions down – however he returned to fight for the victory.

Hamilton had “no intention” of giving space

Verstappen felt Hamilton could have done more to prevent the collision in a post-race interview.

“I went around the outside into Turn 1, I just felt that as soon as I was going next to him, he had no intention to leave me space,” Verstappen told media.

“I thought ‘okay, we don’t need space, and we’re just going to collide’.

“For him, it ruined his chances to win the race.

“I thought after last year, we maybe forget about it, we can finally race, you know, because first of all, when I went side-by-side, I thought, ‘okay, let’s have a good race’.

“I was surprised when I got the five-second penalty. I mean, I was not upset, but if you asked me would I do it again; absolutely.”

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