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Hamilton responds to Wolff’s predictions on his future

Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time World Champion, has responded to Toto Wolff’s statement that he could comprehend if Hamilton considered other teams if Mercedes failed to offer a championship-winning car.

Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 2023

Lewis Hamilton has responded to Toto Wolff’s statement that if Mercedes does not progress “in the next couple of years,” he might respect if the British driver contemplated changing teams.

Wolff stated that he is optimistic Hamilton will prolong his team’s contract through the end of 2023, but he also said that he would not hold it against Hamilton if he decided to leave the squad if they “cannot demonstrate that we’re able to offer him a [championship-winning] car.”

Hamilton said he is not recently considering being anyplace else when asked about the remarks.

The seven-time World Champion told media, including, “I’m not focused on it.”

“I love this team. I’m so grateful for everyone that’s been on the journey with me with this team. I don’t envisage being anywhere else.

Hamilton: I’m trying to maintain patience.

Hamilton admits that despite this, Mercedes’ recent problems with the W14 have been proved difficult.

The 38-year-old remarked, “I wouldn’t say that it’s giving me a lot.

“I’ve been there and done that and bought the t-shirt many times. But I am trying to be patient and work with the team to get us to a good place.

“That’s all I can say right now. I’m not planning on going anywhere.”

There is no such thing as ‘can’t, right?’ Hamilton said in response to the question from on if there would be a “point of no return” where he feels unable to obtain more performance from the car.

“At the moment, it definitely feels like… I just couldn’t get any more out of the car [in qualifying in Saudi Arabia], for example, but I keep trying.”

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