Hamilton claims Perez and other racers of violating important rules

Lewis Hamilton was “displeased” after testing for the Spanish Grand Prix, believing that several of the vehicles around him did not follow the rules completely.

Hamilton 2022

During testing for the Spanish Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton suspected Sergio Perez and other racers of breaking the regulations.

The British driver will start 6th on the grid for the race, with Perez’s Red Bull in fifth.

Hamilton says that he was delighted with Mercedes’ development so far this weekend, but was frustrated by those around him apparently not following the Race Director’s Event Notes.

Hamilton unhappy with Perez and others

“I’m disappointed with the result, because we’ve definitely moved forward, which is great,” Hamilton explained after qualifying.

“On one side, there’s a rule that we have to stick to a delta time. With these tyres, if you do a really slow out lap, you can save so much temperature, and you gain a lot of time through the lap.

“There were several cars ahead of me who didn’t stick to the delta. You’ve got Perez, for example, who is eight seconds slower than the delta time you’re supposed to allow.

“That’s like five degrees of temperature, and that’s an advantage that he’s carried into the lap.

“I stuck to the delta, so that’s a bit frustrating.”

Hamilton is frustrated

Hamilton will start following teammate George Russell, who qualified in P4 with his Mercedes.

However, the seven-time World Champion is pleased with the squad’s performance to this point.

“The car clearly has better performance,” Hamilton said.

“George was slower also on the out lap, so I think he probably got a bit of an advantage with that. But, nonetheless, we’ve done a really good job to be where we are.

“I’m just in the same position that I am always [in], so that’s the frustrating thing.”

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