Weight and height of F1 racers in 2023

The tallest F1 driver: who is he? And whose weight is the lowest among F1 drivers? The following table includes the heights and weights of every driver on the 2023 F1 grid.
F1 drivers line up

How tall is a Formula One driver?

In Formula One, every little detail counts, and a driver’s size can have an impact on how a car performs. The highest and shortest racers on the grid in 2023 range in height from 1.86 to 1.59 meters, which is a significant difference.

What is the weight of an F1 driver?

In F1, weight is a significant factor as well, and all current racers are expected to monitor their weight. To make sure no performance loss, intense training is a necessary aspect of the job throughout the season.

What is the height of Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen?

With a height of 1.74m, Lewis Hamilton is one of the smaller racers on the 2023 F1 grid.

Max Verstappen, who is 1.81 meters tall, is one of the tallest. Verstappen and Hamilton are about the same weight, at 72kg and 73kg, respectively.

The full list of each F1 driver’s height and weight for 2023 can be seen below.


Esteban Ocon1.86m66kg
Alex Albon1.86m74kg
George Russell1.85m70kg
Nico Hulkenberg1.84m78kg
Lance Stroll1.82m70kg
Max Verstappen1.81m72kg
Logan Sargeant1.81m71kg
Charles Leclerc1.80m69kg
Oscar Piastri1.78m68kg
Carlos Sainz1.78m64kg
Pierre Gasly1.77m70kg
Kevin Magnussen1.74m73kg
Zhou Guanyu1.75m63kg
Lewis Hamilton1.74m73kg
Sergio Perez1.73m63kg
Valtteri Bottas1.73m69kg
Fernando Alonso1.71m68kg
Lando Norris1.70m68kg
Nyck de Vries1.68m58kg
Yuki Tsunoda1.59m54kg
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