Ferrari intends to give a former F2 racer practise opportunities later in the season

Robert Shwartzman, a Formula 2 racer, is scheduled to participate in First Practice (FP1) as part of Ferrari’s efforts to comply with Formula 1’s practise rules by giving a car over to a rookie racer later this season.

Ferrari 2022

With Robert Shwartzman scheduled for free practise driving, Ferrari’s Laurent Mekies has announced preparations for the Scuderia to fulfil Formula 1’s new racer running in 2022.

New regulations for the 2022 season mandate that each regular racer give their car to a rookie, who is considered as having competed in no more than two Grands Prix, for a free practise session.

To guarantee that junior racers get enough experience in modern F1 cars, squads and racers are free to hand over the car at any race.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be replaced in the F1-75 by test driver Shwartzman, according to information released by Mekies.

Shwartzman to race Ferrari in F1 free practice

Shwartzman does not have a full-time racing schedule for 2022 because he left the FIA F2 following the 21 season, in which he placed second to Oscar Piastri.

He will act as Ferrari’s test and backup racer for the entire season and will represent the squad under an Israeli licence and flag rather than a Russian one.

Shwartzman was born in Israel but raised in Russia, competing for that nation as he rose through the racing ranks.

Had he not changed codes, he would have been disallowed due to the FIA’s restriction on racers with Russian licences following the invasion of Ukraine.

“For us, it’s Robert Shwartzman that will do our two FP1s,” explained Mekies to media including

“We haven’t exactly decided on which events it’s going to be, [but] you are right in saying that you would not pick races like Singapore or races where the race drivers need more running.

“I don’t think we have an issue in doing it during one of the weekends where we have Pirelli testing.”

Liam Lawson, who now competes in the F2 series, will switch to the AT03 in Spa-Francorchamps when the Formula One season starts in Belgium, according to AlphaTauri squad chief Franz Tost.

One of the drivers to step out is Hamilton

Some squads took advantage of the chance to run their rookie racers during the first half of the season, while others haven’t yet.

Only Lewis Hamilton and Sergio Perez have participated in FP1 for the top three teams, Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari.

While Perez chose to forego his session at the Spanish Grand Prix in May, Hamilton did likewise in Nyck de Vries’ place in France.

Young drivers have not yet been sent out for the 60-minute first practise session by manufacturers including McLaren, Alpine, and Aston Martin.

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